R1-12 Subwoofer Reference R1 Series

 R1-12 Subwoofer Reference R1 Series
Technical Specification
-Sensitivity: 83.4 dB
-RMS Power Range : 800-1200 Watts
-Peak Power Handling: 2400 Watts
-Impedance: Dual 4 Ohm
-Low Frequency response: 28 Hz
-High Frequency Response: 400 Hz
-Diameter: 12 Inch
-Dual 3" Flat Wire Wound Voice Coil
-Copper Clad Aluminum Voice Coil Wire
-Dual Layer Aluminum Voice Coil Former
-All-In-One Discrete Mount Terminal
-Tall Motor Gap for extended X-Max
-Dual Large High Temp Ferrite Magnets
-Integrated Aluminum Motor Heat Sink
-Stamped Aluminum Cone and Dust Cap for Added Heat Dissipation.
-Large Diameter Surround for Added Cone Surface Area
-Dual Mirror Stacked Spiders with Integrated Tinsel Leads
-Secondary Stamped Steel Basket for Easy Re-Coning
-Basket: 2mm Stamp Steel Re-cone Frame.
-Motor: Patent Pending D.U.F. (Dual Under hung Flux Plates).
-Magnet: Dual 100oz ferrite magnet rings.
-Heat Sink: Patent Pending Washer Aluminum Heat Sink.
-Ventilation: Pole Piece Sliced to Release Heat and Pressure from under the voice oil.
-Voice Coil: 3" Parallel Windings of Copper Clad Aluminum wire wrapped dual ayers of aluminum former
-Spider: Dual Mirror Stacked NOMEX Spiders with integrated flat tinsel leads.
-Diaphragm: Reinforced Stamped Aluminum Cone and Dust Cap.
-Surround: Santoprene Rubber Surround.
-Mounting Depth: 7.5"
-Outer Diameter: 10.375"
-Cutout Diameter: 11.125"
-Driver Displacement: .15 cu.ft.
-Voice Coil: 3"
-Magnet Weight: 250 oz
-Resonant Frequency: 26.795Hz
-Priced per speaker 


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