REF 4.760 - Amplificador Soundstream 4 x 115 Watts

REF 4.760 - Amplificador Soundstream 4 x 115 Watts


It has been over a decade since the Reference amplifiers graced the car industry. Car audio veterans loved them. New-schoolers have dreamed about them. Only the privileged have heard them!

Improving on the best of anything requires new technologies and new applications. We are immensely proud to re-introduce you to the new Reference amplifiers. Not “dream” amplifiers that will never be seen, but a full line of the finest amplifiers that are available now!

Reference amplifiers boast damping factors over 1000 and up to 3000+. That is up to, or more than 10 times, that of normal amplifiers! There has been a theory for many years that says that the human ear cannot hear the difference between amplifiers. Anybody who believes this obviously hasn’t auditioned the long awaited return
of the Reference amplifiers!

Sometimes the best things are worth waiting for…




In the 80s, it became popular to use acronyms for amplifier features and technologies.  In some cases, these acronyms were nothing more than fancy words put together cleverly to form an acronym not worth its weight in poop!  Sales people memorized the silly acronyms but rarely knew what the feature encompassed.  The features below are straight forward facts about the amplifiers that make them yield audio nirvana. 


  • Sequenced Delays Eliminate Residual Power-Up/Power-Down Pops
  • Differential RCA Inputs Isolate 12V/Audio to Ground, Eliminating Ground Loops and Noise
  • Full Signal Path Low Noise/Distortion Circuitry Topology
  • Optimal Component Layout for Minimal Distortion Induction & Signal Separation
  • Triple Darlington Audio Output Stages
  • Differential Drives Divide Pre-Amp & Power-Amp Stages, Eliminating Ground Looping
  • Full Differential Feedback Surrounding Power-Amp Stages directly from Speaker Terminals resulting in Uncolored Sound Reproduction and Elimination of Ground Loops 
  • Output Stage Bias Individually Sequenced, Optimizing Sound Quality
  • Stout 2 Oz. Copper Traces Effortlessly Transfer High Volume Internal Current
  • Close Tolerance Signal Path Components - 1% Resistors & 5% Capacitors
  • Final PCB Layout Designs are culmination of examination and fine tuning of all circuit elements to work in harmony as a whole
  • Hawkins Boost Control - Proprietary Bass Equalization
  • Continuously Variable Crossovers
  • Tri-Mode Capable


  • Pulse Width Modulated
  • Large TO218 MOSFET Transistors
  • High Volume, Low ESR Capacitance Banks Compensate Power Supply Ripple Currents
  • Extra Low Current Drive Stage Increases Efficiency & Sound Clarity
  • Individually Regulated Preamp/Crossover Power Supplies Ensure Signal Purity
  • Separated Capacitor Charging/Discharging Current Paths Prevent Rail Switching Spikes & Ground Traces from Entering Signal Stages Resulting in Distortion


Input Voltage 14.4 V DC
Channels 4
Output Power 4 x 115 W RMS (15 kHz to 50 kHz) @ 4 Ohm 0.02% THD - Stereo
Output Power 4 x 155 W RMS (15 kHz to 50 kHz) @ 2 Ohm 0.02% THD - Stereo
Output Power 2 x 380 W RMS (15 kHz to 50 kHz) @ 4 Ohm 0.02% THD - Bridge
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) 102 dB


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