ELATE Limited Edition Morel 6.5'' kit 2 vias

ELATE Limited Edition Morel 6.5'' kit 2 vias

Foram feitos apenas 500 kit, é uma edição limitada super exclusiva, não perca tempo na Audio Design você encontra !!!! 

Nominal Impedance 4 Ohm
Power Handling 200W
Max. Transient Power Handling 1000W
Sensitivity (2.83V/1M) 88dB
Frequency Response 25-4000Hz
FS 50Hz
Voice Coil Diameter 75mm (3.00")
Voice Coil Height 16mm (0.62")
Voice Coil Type/Former Aluminum
Voice Coil Wire Hexatech Aluminum
DC Resistance 4.10 Ohm
Voice Coil Inductance @1kHz 0.44MH
Magnet System Hybrid rear vented
HE-Magnetic Gap Height 6mm (0.25")
B-Flux Density 0.8T
BL Product/BXL 7.07
Max. Linear Excursion/Xmax 10mm (±5mm)
Suspension Compliance CMS 0.560
Mechanical Q Factor QES 0.44
Total Q Factor Q/T 0.37
QMS 2.21
Mechanical Resistance RMS 2.44kgS¹
Moving Mass MMS 16.5gr (0.58oz)
Equivalent Car Air Load VAS 11L (0.39ft³)
Effective Pison Area SD 119cm² (18.45in²)
Cone Type One-piece formed
Cone Material Carbon Rohacell Sandwich
Unit Diameter 165mm (6.50")
Mounting Depth 61mm (2.40")
Mounting Cutout 141mm (5.55")
Net Weight 1.18kg (2.60lb)

Nominal Impedance 6 Ohm
Power Handling 130W
Max. Transient Power Handling 350W
Sensitivity (2.83V/1M) 90dB
Frequency Response 1400-25000Hz
FS 700Hz
Voice Coil Diameter 28mm (1.10”)
Voice Coil Former Aluminum
Voice Coil Wire Hexatech Aluminum
DC Resistance 5.2 Ohm
Magnet System Double magnet neodymium – H type
Dome Type Acuflex Soft Dome
Dome Material Silk
Unit Diameter 45mm (1.8")
Mounting Depth 20mm (0.8")
Mounting Cutout 50mm (2")
Net Weight 0.07kg (0.15lb)

Crossover Accuset MX-22.2LE
Nominal Impedance 4 Ohm
Power Handling 280W
Crossover Point 1800Hz
Crossover Controls Frequency slope cut: 6/12dB
Tweeter level: ±4dB (2dB steps)
Wiring Options Standard, bi-amp, bi-wire
Housing Material Die-cast aluminum
Terminal Type Large screws gold plated
Net Weight 1.10 Kg (2.40lb)



Morel, Elate, Limited Edition, Elate LE, Component Speakers

Morel, Elate, Limited Edition, Elate LE, Component Crossover

Morel, Elate, Limited Edition, Elate LE, Component Speakers, Carbon Fiber Woofer


The Elate Limited Edition speakers were engineered to leverage the latest acoustic developments coming out of Morel’s world-renowned labs.

Designed and developed for those unique few who settle for nothing but the best, the Elate Limited Edition speaker system represents the epitome of Morel’s proprietary acoustic technologies and delivers the definitive sound experience. Engineered to capture the magic of live performance, the Elate Limited Edition system will place you at the heart of the music, with all of the clarity and immediacy imaginable.

The newly designed MT-24LE tweeter employs a 1¨û” (28mm) diameter aluminum Hexatech™ voice coil, hand coated Acuflex™ soft dome and a powerful neodymium magnetThe new MT-24LE tweeters will deliver the same known "sweet & Warm" sound characteristics with the unprecedented transience and dynamic range. 

Morel’s top-of-the-line CDM-88 midrange was optimized to meet the new
Elate SW 6LE woofer and the MT-24LE tweeter sound qualities, with improved acoustical parameters and enhanced overall dynamics and clarity. The CDM-88LE features a large 2¨û” (54mm) diameter aluminum Hexatech™ voice coil, driving the soft dome membrane with a larger than normal sound radiating surface. The low resonance point provides the full midrange frequency spectrum and an exquisitely clear, deep sound.

The Elate SW 6LE woofer features a large 3” (75mm) diameter Hexatech™ voice coil that supports a newly developed carbon fiber sandwich cone. The integrated sandwich-structure prevents cone breakup distortion at high output levels and delivers the low end of the sound spectrum with extraordinary crispness and definition.

The Limited Edition’s top-grade crossover components offer a variety of customization capabilities, including frequency slope selection, level attenuation for all of the components, bi-wiring and bi-amping.

In addition to the increased overall power handling, the Elate LE assures optimum adaptability of the speakers performance to any car environment

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